Damage Claims

All damage claims must be filed within 7 days of your job. Five Star Moving and its vendors are liable for damage during the load and/or unload ONLY, with the purchase of our Professional Moving Service. Damage which occurs in your truck during transit is not covered for any reason under any valuation. Your furniture is only covered under our insurance while it is in our possession. Our coverage stops once your moving truck or container has been loaded and/or unloaded. Furniture is never covered while in transit because we are not driving or transporting your belongings. Additionally, we are not responsible for any damage that may occur if we load your truck or container, and a different company/individual unloads it. Any furniture or item that fails structurally will not be covered or replaced. Lastly, if you begin loading or unloading your truck before we arrive to begin service, your items are no longer covered. The same is true if you elect to load and/or unload your possessions during your moving services.

We will fix or replace your item(s) limited to a maximum of $.60 cents per pound per item as determined by the US DOT standard weights and measures. Loss or damage claims are settled based on the pound weight of the article multiplied by 60 cents. For example, if a 10-pound stereo component, valued at $1,000 were lost or destroyed, the mover would be liable for no more than $6.00. Items which are part of a pair or set will be valued as individual items. Shipper understands that the loader/unloader is not responsible for boxes, containers, bags, cartons, or bins which were not packed by Five Star Moving. The company shall not be responsible for uncrated mirrors, sheet glass, marble, or for the failure of the customer to pack lamps, lampshades, and any fragile articles such as ornaments, paintings, china glassware, pictures, etc. and does not warrant the mechanical condition of appliances, or electronics, as there is no way for the loader/unloader to know the operational ability of each item prior to the move. If the damages are serve enough in which a contractor must be notified, you must obtain and show us at  least three written estimates and make sure they include a detailed breakdown of the repairs included, as well as the costs for parts and labor. Make sure the estimates you obtain are from well-established companies with a history of performing quality work.

We are often asked to perform tasks that border on the impossible. Five Star Moving will not be responsible for damage caused by non-routine moving including but not limited to, standing pieces on end, sharp turns, difficult stairways, snags and sharp edges in work areas and doorways, handing over balconies, railings, etc., tight squeezes, and damage caused by weather. Five Star Moving will connect washer, dryers and refrigerator’s, however we are not responsible for the connections. You or your representative must check or accept any plumbing connections. Any assistance we give is as a courtesy only. Water and drain connections are the responsibility of the customer. Five Star Moving are not licensed plumbers. Five Star Moving will move front end washing machines and dryers’s without the locking mechanism’s, but will not warranty their workability. These machines easily can come off there internal track and are not made to be moved without the locking mechanisms that are sold with the unit. Refrigerator doors sometimes need to be removed to go through narrow hallways or doors. Five Star Moving will not take off doors that have water or electrical connection going through them and we will not remove freezer bottom drawers on refrigerators. If you know that this needs to be done to move the refrigerator in or out of the area where it is located, please contact an appliance company to do that ahead of time. Five Star Moving will not be held liable for any internal damage to any electrical or electronic equipment (which may be a loose wire, blown fuse, etc.) We are not responsible for minor dents or scratches on major appliances. A thin metal that has an extreme affinity to dent and scratch covers them.

We will move items into any storage unit of your choice, however items will be stacked in the storage unit and we have no control over people coming into or out your unit after that time. For this reason, our insurance coverage stops as soon as we unload the contents into storage. Days, weeks or months later, if damage is claimed or if items claimed lost or misplaced, there will be no coverage. Self Storage moves are 100% at the customers own risk. Please purchase or rent pads and we will be happy to pad your furniture to keep it safe in storage. Keep in mind when we unload, we take our pads with us.

Pressed Board, particle or compressed wood is excluded from our coverage due to the nature of the material. The valuation protection excludes claims in respect to: wear, tear, or gradual deterioration; moth or vermin infestation; rust; mildew; and/or any process of cleaning or repair. Five Star Moving shall not be responsible for glass in any form or damage resulting from glass breakage. This applies to porcelain and ceramic items, also. All glass should be packed or crated. Always check with your home or renters insurance for coverage terms. Shipper understands that the loader/unloader is not responsible to any damage to pool/billiard tables, pianos or grandfather clocks unless properly prepared by shipper. Be advised that stock, bonds, fur, jewelry, paper money, coins and collectibles of any kind will not be covered for any reason. Please do not pack items of this nature or leave the premises unsupervised during your load/unload. If any damage to the property occurs please point it out to the lead mover immediately.

Failure to notify the loaders/unloaders of any property damage prior to their departure will forfeit any claim of damage to the property against FIVE STAR MOVING.

*Our web site terms and conditions may change from time to time by our company without providing notification