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Professional mover or ask a friend? Who to choose?

Here’s a scenario you’ve probably experienced once or twice: It’s a week before you are set to move out of your place. Your things are beginning to get packed up. You are wondering how you have managed to accumulate so much more stuff since you moved in. Nice stuff, like that Panasonic 50-inch Plasma flat screen TV that you spend four or five months saving for. Or the $200 walnut coffee table you special ordered from IKEA. You then ask yourself, ask a friend or hire a professional mover?

Let’s face it: you have got a lot of stuff. And you are weighing whether to bite the bullet and hire professional mover to make sure that stuff makes it to its final destination unscathed, or to take gamble of asking your buddy Jerry (your one friend with the truck) to help you out. It’s a phone call no one likes to make. While it’s nice to have friends that will save you a few bucks on hiring a moving company, there are many cons to consider in such a request.

Let’s be honest, friends may say yes to help you move, but do they really want to? There are disadvantages to asking a friend to help you move. They may not be as dependable as the professionals. We all have our lives to live and unexpected things come up. If something gets damaged, who would shoulder the cost? You. Also, if you were in a long distance move, who would help you when you get to your destination. These are things to consider when moving. So, think about it. Is it worth asking your friends or hiring a professional mover?

So, before you make that awkward phone call to Jerry, give your friends at Five Star Moving a call at (702) 936-0152 or visit to see how we can make your move as stress free as possible.

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