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A Moving Out Checklist To Help Keep Your Sanity

Moving Timeline

Moving can be a daunting task. Start with preparing a moving out checklist before you begin packing. Determine when the absolute last day will be in your current residence. Many times, things do not go as expected especially with the purchase of a new home. You may be at your old residence a few days longer than anticipated. There is nothing worse than not having items available as you need them. Where do you start so your move goes smoothly with little to no stress on your family?

One Month Moving Out Checklist

You should pack the items that you do not use daily first, such as fine china. Empty out the china cabinet and pack breakable collectibles. Next, tackle your knickknacks. Empty shelves in windows and on ledges. Then pack small appliances that are not used daily including the waffle iron, food processor and your beloved Kitchen Aid. Make sure to pack them in the original box (if possible) so it is an easy unloading and set up at the new destination. Label your boxes to easily find its contents if you do not have the original box.

Three Weeks Moving Out Checklist

Pack up the entire contents of your bookcases early on. Bookcases hold a myriad of miscellaneous items and we will not miss looking at them; or reading those books while we prepare for the move.  Use heavy quilts to wrap mirrors and paintings as you remove them from the walls.

Two Weeks Moving Out Checklist

Your bathroom can be stripped down to the bare necessities. Leave a towel or two for each of you, along with your daily toiletries and pack the rest away. You may even find the minimal living refreshing. Plan out a moving out checklist that uses as few kitchen items as possible through moving day and pack everything else. Canned goods, spices, baking goods. Box up the bulky utensils, pots and pans as well. Pack up the garage except for the necessary items you may need like motor oil. Include all the garden tools and hoses except for the ones you may need until the move.

One Week Moving Out Checklist

Pack up dressers and pick out enough clothes for the last few days. You should pack as though you are going on a weeklong vacation. You can even use your suitcases for this. Pack up all closets, including the entry closet which is usually filled with more than coats and outerwear. Next, pack all those extra pairs of shoes, belts, purses and handbags that are stored on the top shelves of your bedroom closets. Pack up most of your home office except for your computer and possibly printer. Pull that bulletin board off the wall along with any posters and or hanging wall files. Use a file box to easily identify office articles. Catalog all contents of a room. It is not a bad idea to have a moving out checklist for each room,

Moving Day Checklist

Pack remaining cleaning supplies from under the kitchen and bathroom sinks. Leave only what you will need to clean the home you are vacating. Pull bedding off of beds and pack into bags or boxes on the morning of moving day. Moving is an adventure and it can be fun to treat it as such. Especially when you have a list of items needed for a move, while you may feel as though you are camping out for a couple of days. Lean into the anticipation of getting settled and starting life in your new home and let the excitement fuel you.

Five Star Moving will have you covered for ALL your moving needs. We make it a seamless adventure and help you get to the enjoyable aspects much faster than handling it all on your own.

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